Gobind Jewellers

Known as the most illustrious jewellery shop in Durgapur and India, Gobind Jewellers delivers diamond, gold and silver jewellery that are the savour of all classes of people. Through its great designs and work, it has marked its name among the leaders of the industry. Gobind jewellers’ design satisfies the style, taste and more importantly the heritage of the India. Gobind jewellers had earned its fame through their vision and its capabilities to make a difference in the jewellery market with their vast collection of Indian jewellery.

Gobind jewellers were founded in the year 1993 in Chandidas market, Durgapur by Raj Gobind Prasad.  As the instigator of the jewellery business, he started with the retail shop in Chandidas market, Durgapur. They were not manufacturers and used to sell products that were manufactured outside. Later Raj Gobind Prasad, decide to manufacture their products and thus the shop turned from retail store to manufacturing store. Now all pieces of jewellery sell from this shop are KDM and hallmark jewellery.Gobind Jewellers

Gobind Jewelllers takes this as an art and thus makes every effort to take this art to the different corner of the world. They take this as a passion and thus create designs that can be revealing the aspects of Indian culture. Gobind jewellers have a unique collection of traditional gold jewellery. This jewelllery can match the taste of all classes and can be easily affordable by all. Today the modern generation likes modern jewellery and thus to satisfy their taste this shop designs some modern jewellery. They also make a fusion of traditional and modern jewelllery that are loved by all. This jewelllery shop has light weighted as well as heavy weighted jewellery collection.

Apart from gold, Gobind jewellers do have a vast collection of silver jewellery and gift items. Silver utensils that may include plates, bowl, glass, and spoon sets. Also, Gobind jewellers had a vast creation of silver showpieces. Some other silver item can be silver statues of different God and Goddess, coins, and pen. Gobind jewellers also deliver products according to your need.

Thus Gobind jewellers had established a milestone through their work in the world of jewellery.